Michael Conry
After returning to Whitefish from a river trip in Idaho I called Skylar at Big Sky Wildlife Management. I discovered a marmot living in my engine compartment. He set up traps & game cameras. He was persistent & offered a variety of solutions until the marmot was gone!
David Grant
Skylar worked on a property I manage doing bat mitigation. I found him to be the consummate professional, very cordial and helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. The work was excellent and done in a timely manner with great attention to detail. I highly recommend Big Sky Wildlife Management!
James McDonald
I worked with Skyler and found him very polite and professional. He got the job done on schedule and kept me informed during the whole process. I would highly recommend the services of Big Sky Wildlife Management to anyone looking for pest/rodent inspection and removal!
Diane Szalay
Our home was invaded by woodpeckers! The surrounding trees have grown considerably over the years and we enjoy their beauty and provided privacy, however so do the annoying, destructive woodpeckers. We have tried numerous diversions but nothing has been effective. Skylar came to our rescue carefully diverting the protected birds while saving the integrity of our home. The project took time as the persistent woodpeckers kept returning. Upon completion, Skylar repaired the damage to our building and matched the paint perfectly. I am certain the woodpeckers will try returning every Spring but I will notify Skylar immediately. He is very knowledgeable, professional and great to work with.
Stephanie Sunshine
Skyler did such a great job for me. I had a new renter living in my house and he could hear a squirrel in the roof. Skyler made multiple trips up to the house to trap and then came back to seal everything up so no other rodents could get inside. He was so pleasant and nice to work with! Thank you Skyler!
Brooks Dailey
This company is the best! We had some problems with squirrels when we fist moved in. A quick call to Skylar and it was fixed promptly and professionally. No more squirrels in our attic! We also had some problems with mice that we weren’t aware of. Skylar pointed out the troubled areas and we got them fixed. No more mice! Highly recommend Big Sky Wildlife!
Nancy Woodruff
We are temporarily living in another Montana town, and our renters notified us that there was a skunk smell in the house so strong that it woke them up during the night. I was so glad to find Skylar since he live traps and relocates the skunks instead of exterminating them. He was responsive, prompt, knowledgeable, and professional, and quickly resolved the problem. It's great to know that this business is available, and we will definitely call him again if we have any more problematic visitors!