Heather Love
We are so fortunate to have found Skylar and Big Sky Wildlife Management. With a dwelling on our property that many skunk have decided to call home, we’ve had to use several wildlife removal services, so I can say with much experience that there is not better person to contact if you are requiring any wildlife removal. Skylar is professional, kind, and incredibly caring for not only his customers but the animals he removes as well. You don’t have to worry about wildlife being killed when you call Skylar. He ensures to safely relocate all he captures. We’ve had to use Skylar’s services a few times now and he truly is someone you can count on. Even when several squirrels find their way inside the skunk traps, he would come back daily to set them free. He voluntarily put up a temporary blockade around our critter-loving dwelling and we haven’t had a problem since. There is no one else we will ever call if we are needing help at our property again. Thank you for all you do, Skylar!
Kelly Cartwright
They helped to find and trap an animal that had gotten into our crawl space - and it was a skunk! They removed it without incident.
Carol Moffatt
Skylar was great. I had voles devouring my front lawn very quickly. He squeezed me into a very busy weekend. After a busy Sunday he drove 30 minutes to address my vole issue. It’s been 5 days now and no indication of any more activity. I highly recommend Skylar. He’s efficient, accommodating and very friendly!!
Joe Tabor
Prompt, Professional and Humane. Skylar's persistence and experience saved me a big headache with an unwelcome squirrel family. Trapped, removed and monitored for any further activity. Skylar took care of the situation and made certain the job was complete before he was done.
Jen Wogen
Skylar @ Big Sky Wildlife Mgmt is the best. We had bats in our bedroom and outside near our deck and front door area and Skylar removed them, sealed areas they were getting into our house, and installed bat houses to remediate the problem. He’s very responsive and super dependable. Highly recommend.
Elizabeth Winthrop
On a day when Skylar had plenty of personal reasons to close up shop early, he responded to my frantic plea to get a mouse family out of my sofa. He understood how upset I was and didn’t leave until he was sure the mice were out of the house and I was comfortable. No judgments about my reaction to mice (LOL)! He followed up the next day to make sure all was well, and gave me a great referral for pest control maintenance. I can’t say enough good things about this company. Call Skylar when you need help!
Lisa Sears
Skylar is very professional and quick to respond. He conducted a thorough inspection and wrote a detailed report including helpful photos. His work is animal friendly, meticulous and guaranteed. His rates are a good value. I highly recommend him and would use his service again but hopefully won’t need to.